Community Vote For Hivelist and HiveHustlers - Your Input Needed

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Hello everyone! Hope you are finding yourself having an awesome day! If not, hope it gets better. So as you can see if you have been following my posts recently that I have been working hard on allot of things and have plans for allot more.

Everything is going very well so far, but I have hit a crossroads that I need some help in finding the right direction. So I am looking at you for the push in the right direction for both communities as a whole.

The Vision

So I have made it pretty clear what the purpose of Hivelist is: the e-commerce arm of my empire, the advertising, sales, etc... I have also made the announcement of rebuilding the Hivelist Store into the full on multivendor marketplace that I have been dreaming about, but now have ways to do it. I am killing the Hivebay idea because of possible legal issues with say eBay. That is why I will be building that on Hivelist, no branding issues.

My vision of HiveHustlers is to be that community for entrepreneurs and to be a bridge across all of the entrepreneur and e-commerce communities on Hive.

That being said... I also have plans for a professional services marketplace similar to Fiverr or Upwork.

So here is where I have hit my crossroads and need the help...

The Decision That Needs Deciding

Option 1: Hivelist Store

Do I build the professional services marketplace on the same platform as the Hivelist Store and have it basically as a category...


Option 2:

Build the professional services marketplace on and just suggest that people also make a blockchain post on Hivelist advertising their Hustler Pro Services store with a link and description. The idea would be to use HUSTLER dollar and COM tokens as the utility and fee tokens for this site, giving both use cases.

The more I write this, the more I know which way I am leaning, but the voice is for you!

How To Vote

To vote, I would like for you to comment on this post with your one word choice:

Hivelist or HiveHustlers

The one with the most comments will be the direction we head!

Thanks for your help!

Be Cool Be Real and Abide
Please vote for thelogicaldude as Hive Engine witness at
You will need WORKERBEE tokens staked for vote weight.



Thank you for your vote!


Thanks for your vote


Thanks for your vote


Thanks for your vote!


Makes more sense to me.

Thanks for your vote!


Thanks for your vote!

Hivehustlers would make more sense to me for services.

Thanks for your vote!

And thank you got putting all the work for both hivelist and hivehustlers!


Thanks for your vote.


Thanks for your vote!

Thanks for your vote!

Hivelist store.

It would look like Kijiji or Gum Tree if sales and services were together.

I don't want to seeing advertisements in my feed everytime a new SKU is added.

Please clarify your comment, didn’t make sense...

HiveList store.


It would look like Kijiji or Gum Tree if sales and services were together.

I rationalized a services marketplace coexisting with a commodities marketplace, this would reflect the image shared by mainstream domains like and

I would infer that users would be familiar from this type of format and layout to a web page.

I don't want to seeing advertisements in my feed everytime a new SKU is added.

In option 2, I see the potential for spam, the comment field already has the same smart features that a full form has. Waivio is already working on Hive as a Utility for Businesses. They only post SKU's, product additions, and price adjustments in the comments.

I would downvote posts that are abusing the main feed instead of using comments on previous posts for the smart contract at their merchant point of sale. Waivio has already resolved this issue with spam on the feed, and you're competitors for the role as Hives commerce platform.

I do not want to see uninformed new users spamming the feeds because they don't understand that the comment field is supposed to be used for meticulous updates like price adjustments and SKU changes.

I had never heard of those sites before so didn’t know what you were talking about, lol. Gotcha.

They are outdated and your new vision would probably be better than their current sites.

Well that’s not what I am talking about but thanks for your input and vote.

A latter concern of mine, that is not yet logical or tangible to worry about, is users milking the reward pool to increase the bottom line of their business with upvotes for SKU and prices changes. Meticulous contracts DO NOT BELONG IN THE MAIN FEED. They are not meaningful to other users, only the ones who are trying to increase their bottom line with the rewards pool.

None of that you are talking about would be on chain anyway. What I mean about advertising their services is just posting their link to Hivelist the same way they would now... You read way too far into things man... all I wanted was a simple vote.

Going over details many times for memorization is something I tend to do a bit too much.

I support your platform, just wasn't sure what part I should elaborate on.

I like the many thoughts you put into this. While I understand that @thelogicaldude didn't reach a stage where this conversation becomes relevant, comments like these should still be encouraged because they help reach conclusions long-term.

I have been on a tirade for the last year, since lockdown all the extra time I have spent being critical on here has come to a point that I should start contributing more, but I am as much as I can in the sense of liquidity and market analysis.

The way I overthrowing the numbers has the interest of local game developers who see a potential on this platform for some cool integrations of decentralized in gane economies.

I like the fiver idea!

Also those custom hivecommerce stores sounds real cool i thought


Yeah it’s a cool idea... what’s your vote? Hivelist or HiveHustlers

I know im sorry i couldn't come to a legit vote because i can see both sides, but i feel like keeping it contained in hive is where id have to vote