HustlerChat - What is Your Main Hustle? Career Oriented Or Serial Entrepreneur?

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This week on HustlerChat, we are talking about the hustle that pays the bills and puts food on the table…

What is your main hustle? Do you have a full time job, business of your own, or are you the serial entrepreneur that kind of lives on gigs and side hustles?

The community wants to know! We can all learn from each other, so let’s chat!

Get the conversation started on the comments below!

Keep calm and Hustle on!

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Serial entrepreneur turned crypto degenerate ;)

Yeah about the same. Throw in some food delivery shifts, lol.

How do you find the food delivery?

Do you do it on a bike or car?

I did Uber driving (passengers) with my own car for a few months, but it really wasn't profitable.

After adding up fuel, taxes and maintenance, I actually lost money haha.

I am with GrubHub and Doordash. Mainly do GrubHub. It was allot more profitable when gas was cheaper. Since this summer it has gotten a bit ridiculous. I do it in my van, but I live in it so therefore I don’t have to cough up rent, but I have some debts and child support so there’s that, lol. I am trying to move it to a few nights and then work mainly on weekends when it’s more profitable. Weekdays have been washes for sure.

I'm a 'Serial Entreprenuer'!

I'm an 'App-aholic' - This is a person who uses various apps to earn money in the form of e-gift cards. I get cards from Amazon to Visa in amounts of $2 to $100 and more. I don't make a living on this but it helps me to pay some of my business expenses and to get things I want outside of household expenses that my husband pays for.


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I'm a freelance copywriter.

When I first started, my goal was to build my freelancing into an agency, but I've come to the conclusion that my mind is just not built for the amount of work and responsibility that would bring with it.

So I've shifted gears and am remaining a one man show freelancer. Choosing to only work with a very select few clients, for a premium rate.

This has freed up my time to focus on generating a passive/semi-passive income from crypto and creating info-products.

Awesome! Being solo is sometimes the best way to go with it as long as you can handle the work load! Thanks for playing!

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