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RE: Bear Markets Are For Building - The Logical NFTs Coming May 25! You Are Going To Need Some pHBD!

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Would you say that continuing to HODL coins from your previous projects, and building on them slowly is also a good way to keep a part of this project?

Do you see any changes coming with those tokens?

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The point of the DAO is to build a fund to help increase the value of those projects. With fair launch projects like @hivelist with the LIST token, and the COM token, I have to earn from the project the same way everyone else does, so there was never any funding. So the only way I make money on LIST is when I have to sell my own tokens, which only gets so far. Same with COM. So this is to help build up those projects, bring marketing, etc with stablecoins.

The other tokens are still working as intended. The community just needs to start actually using it properly, which some marketing funds will help that as well.

This also allows me to expand to a different blockchain and to give some use case to the polygon wrapped version of HBD. These NFTs serve a different purpose from the other tokens.

I understand..

Its some really cool art you are creating there and it is always good to link different blockchains together. It helps those of us who are mostly on HIVE diversify without having to do too much research.

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It's important to diversify and get out there to see what all is being built. So tying them in together is a great way to do it. @leofinance started the pHBD and pHIVE tokens to help bridge those gaps as well using DEFI, so I am giving them use case in commerce!