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RE: Mondays, Am I right? Busy Day For The Dude- BlockTunes Coin Logic, Hivelist, HiveHustlers, Weedcash Updates

in #hivehustlers6 months ago (edited)

So... you're kind of busy then. Is that what you're saying? I was going to ask you to paint my house while you babysit my kids, but I'll put that on the back-burner for now. No worries.

Just a quick heads up: the CoinLogic link you included doesn't work... check it and let me know so I can take a peek. Stellar work, bro! Keep it up. :)


But about your house and kids... what's the pay? I could find some help at Home Depot and let them paint the house while I corrupt your kids, lol.

Ha! I actually only have one daughter, but I could kidnap a few neighborhood rugrats so you're at least optimizing your chances. The bad news is: I don't even own a house, and I would normally pay with Skittles and Labradoodle tokens. :P

Lol. I hear that! Hey skittles and jolly ranchers were currency for me while I was locked up in a certain place for a few months in my younger dumber years. Lol.

LOL It seems like they'll be a more stable and valuable currency than any central bank notes pretty soon anyway.

I also stack honey and vodka, lol. I don't even drink it really, but it's valuable... And of course I stack metal in the form of brass and lead, lol.

Smart. Very smart. lol

Ugh, yeah for some reason Hive addresses and redirects don't seem to mix well, lol. It was literally working when I write the post, lol.

What do you mean by "Hive addresses"? The links at the bottom of your content work fine... is a link to the Peakd community page?

In any case, I subscribed. I didn't even know that #HiveHustlers has a front-end! There are so many different things going on, it gets hard to make choices and not dilute your time and relative token strength.

Just linked directly to the community