An Awesome Van Life Lunch - Mountain House Adventure Meals Are Awesome!

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I have tried allot of different freeze dried, or dehydrated meals. As you probably know, I am a van lifer, or a digital nomad as some of us like to call ourselves. In this lifestyle, you don't really have the best places to store food for long periods of time. So that is where the emergency and camping foods come into play.

Now I usually like to eat as fresh as possible and use these more or less for the times when I can't get to the store, or I want a hot meal. This was one of those times. One, because I am fairly broke at the moment and I already have a bunch of these meals, and two, well I am broke and gas is at like $6 so it costs almost as much to drive to a store from my location as it would to buy the food I am going to get. So I figured, I am at a nice park, might as well pull out the kitchen!


The meal of choice, Chicken and Dumplings. And man are they good. What I love about Mountain House is that it is all good quality food from the start, and is actually made here in Oregon, actually about an hour's drive from where I am now.


Nothing in the ingredients list is crazy sounding or hard to pronounce, so they seem to be some of the safer meals out there. Again, I like the fact that I can actually drive to the place where they are made. But yeah, there are 600 calories in one of the pouches for this meal, so that will be something to stick on me for a while.

Here are the basic instructions:


Pretty simple and straight forward. It's why I love to have a stash of these in the van. All I have to do is heat up the water and I am good to go! That and they last until 2051, so when I bought these meals, I looked at it as a long term investment, lol. And since I have bought them, I am WAY in profit, lol.


Pulled out the good ole butane/propane camp stove and the kettle pot. Added water to the kettle pot and started it up!


Hard to see, but we are cooking with gas!


When you open up the pack, you will just remove the oxygen absorber pack and toss it away. But this is what it looks like before you add water.


Once your water is heated up, you measure out the precise amount of water, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT with these meals... Then you pour it in and stir it up. Once you mix it up well, you zip it up and let it sit for about 4-5 minutes, then you open, stir, and close it again for another 5 minutes or so. The timing on some meals may vary, that's why there are instructions on the pack.


So as you let it sit, you also realize that you made too much water in the pot... Well you are sitting right next to your coffee drawer, so you find a solution to the extra hot water problem...



And the as Bob Ross always said, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents! Now I have fuel to write more posts for the day!



Lunch is all ready to go! So now to sit back and enjoy my lunch at one of my favorite parks in town! Here is a little outside show with the doors open... And then a shot of inside the van cave, complete with my old buddy Chip hanging in his bed!


This is where all the magic happens! It's my little humble abode! The van cave has everything Chip and I need!

Anyway, there is a little taste of my real world lifestyle! Making life simple and easy is such a better way to do things in my opinion. People tend to over complicate which leads to misery. Not for me.

Until next time my friends...

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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This is dope stuff @thelogicaldude

I’ve had experience with eating MRE’s.

Your option sounds tastier lol.


Oh I have had my share of MRE's lol. These ARE much better, lol. Although I do dig on some of the MRE snacks, lol.

Cool on the food. Home. First time reader of your post.
Something like van life we would like to do ourselves.
It a dream.

It’s an adventure that is for sure, lol. Thanks for stopping by!

I'm going to try and experiment with some of these MRE style meal services right after July I think. In the event of total collapse, The Dood wants to be able to eat. Currently stocked up on rice, beans, soups, water and the basics. Researching this next. I've seen other favorable reviews on this company, so I'll probably end up giving them a try.

Yeah they are some of the better ones I have had for sure. I ended up scoring on some buckets and individual packs that were all on sale. Basically looked at them as an investment.

With inflation the way it is, they make a great investment. Smart move for sure.

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