Mondays, Am I right? Busy Day For The Dude- BlockTunes Coin Logic, Hivelist, HiveHustlers, Weedcash Updates

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What's up everyone! Well, my day didn't quite go as I had planned, but it all worked out anyway! It was first off an an absolutely beautiful day here in Oregon! Great temp, sun was out, so I spent a good bit of it walking the ole puppers.

Video Struggles Today on Coin Logic TV...


But as far as work, I made a video that still hasn't finished encoding on 3speak at the time of writing this, and had allot of issues uploading it today, but that's the video creator life, lol. But make sure you go join the new Coinlogic.Finance community here on Hive by going to the community: The video is up on the YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure though...

I am still going to do my 3 day a week videos, but I think at this point I am going to focus on more ever green content like dapp overviews and looking at use cases, etc, instead of the market update videos. I am finding that I am not getting as many views on the normal market update videos as I do on the DApp review and tutorial videos, so that is going to be the focus going forward... Primarily looking Hive apps!

I am planning a daily news and market post to replace the videos. I find that it is becoming a bit difficult in my nomadic lifestyle to get these videos up in a timely manner just due to mostly environmental circumstances. Plus I feel like most of you will read a post before watching a video because of data rates for allot of people.

BlockTunes Updates


But other than fussing with that, I was able to get allot of work on BlockTunes complete! The framework for the store front and the multivendor marketplace are all set up and ready to rock! I also got the @hivepay-io woocommerce plugin as well as Coinbase commerce and Stripe all set up for payments! I really toyed with accepting fiat, but don't want to shoot myself in the foot either, lol.

There are some really awesome additions that we are going to be implementing for the launch so we are really excited about that!

Tomorrow's development time is going to be focused on getting the NFT Collection smart contracts all deployed on both BSC and Polygon and in place on the site ready for minting of the voting board NFT tokens!

I also plan on getting the OpenTunes NFT Collections as well as the Creator's Copyright Collections up and working this week in preparation of launch. These honestly doesn't take as long as one would think to get done, lol, it's just doing it.

I have also been making some new connections that will really help grow the community and platform! Needless to say, I am really excited about this!

New Hivelist Products and Features


I am also planning on getting some new ebooks up on the Hivelist store and working up plans for an eBook club that will use the Hive recurring payments feature from HivePay! This is something I have been wanting to do since the last Hive hard fork and that feature came out! So thanks to @blainjones for the awesome update and all the hard work in that platform!

I will also be implementing those features into the artist pages on @blocktunes.

What the recurring feature will also be really helpful with is starting up the fundraising section for @hivelist! I had a site at one point that I was toying with, but now the features are there, so I will be just building them all into the Hivelist platform. So that is all in the works this week. Very excited about all the new developments coming!

Looking at running a new Hive Engine witness node for Hivelist to build a marketing and operational fund, so be looking out for that announcement soon. First step is to move the current witness over to a new server successfully, then I will spin up the Hivelist witness node. So if you have WORKERBEE staked in your wallet, I would appreciate the vote to try and get the Hivelist Hive Engine witness into the top 20... I think it can be done!

HiveHustlers - HiveCommerce DAO


So yesterday was the snapshot of the staked HUSTLERM tokens preparing for the COM 1:1 airdrop on the 1st! That is all set up and ready! So one more time to remind folks. The HUSTLERM miner token is being retired. We are moving distribution of the COM tokens to focus on HUSTLER dollar and LIST staking as well as liquidity providing for the LIST, WEED, and various PIZZA diesel pools!

I have been trying to pick up on curation and content creation in the past week to increase rewards and will be working on picking that up more and more over the week as well.

WeedCash Network


We have the first WeedChat Wednesday in the Weedcash Discord this week so I hope we will have some people attend! It will be at 4:20 EST or UTC-5 time. We will be having a community smoke session and just chatting about the future of our little cannabis loving community! So if you are interested in joining along, get some good herbs and come join us!

Wrapping it Up

Always wise words there, always make sure to wrap things up, lol... I digress...

As you can see, now that I am basically full time in Hive and DEFI, I am really keeping busy trying to keep development moving while keeping in touch with the awesome community! I love all the new relationships I am building on Hive. Far more than I would be building on any other platform!

See you guys along the chain this week!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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So... you're kind of busy then. Is that what you're saying? I was going to ask you to paint my house while you babysit my kids, but I'll put that on the back-burner for now. No worries.

Just a quick heads up: the CoinLogic link you included doesn't work... check it and let me know so I can take a peek. Stellar work, bro! Keep it up. :)

But about your house and kids... what's the pay? I could find some help at Home Depot and let them paint the house while I corrupt your kids, lol.

Ha! I actually only have one daughter, but I could kidnap a few neighborhood rugrats so you're at least optimizing your chances. The bad news is: I don't even own a house, and I would normally pay with Skittles and Labradoodle tokens. :P

Lol. I hear that! Hey skittles and jolly ranchers were currency for me while I was locked up in a certain place for a few months in my younger dumber years. Lol.

LOL It seems like they'll be a more stable and valuable currency than any central bank notes pretty soon anyway.

I also stack honey and vodka, lol. I don't even drink it really, but it's valuable... And of course I stack metal in the form of brass and lead, lol.

Smart. Very smart. lol

Ugh, yeah for some reason Hive addresses and redirects don't seem to mix well, lol. It was literally working when I write the post, lol.

What do you mean by "Hive addresses"? The links at the bottom of your content work fine... is a link to the Peakd community page?

In any case, I subscribed. I didn't even know that #HiveHustlers has a front-end! There are so many different things going on, it gets hard to make choices and not dilute your time and relative token strength.

Just linked directly to the community