Well That Was One Hell Of A Week - Vent Post - Issues and Updates

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What a freaking week am I right? I mean it was one of those one thing after another kind of weeks. First the bottom falls out of UST, in which I had a decent amount paired against OSMO in the Osmosis DEX, and yeah, basically going to lose allot on that. Oh well, lessons learned.

Biggest Money Lesson...

One lesson was having too much of my funds in lock up. Hive already has a chunk of my portfolio on HP, in which my regular power downs that I use for a paycheck were cut in half, fun times. But I need more liquid funds in case of things like VAN PROBLEMS!

And the other big money lesson... If something feels like a ponzi scheme, it probably is... RIP UST and LUNA.

Van Problems...

Oh man, so I decided to go back out and do some delivery driving to just get out and make some fiat to pay the bills with and ignore the complete cluster fuck that was the crypto markets. But then I realized that I was having to pay out like $40 in gas just to profit $60... WTF! Gas has shot up here and ranges from 4.60-5.20 a gallon for regular...

So yeah that doesn't even account for my time or the repairs I have to do... Well, the van is starting to show her age this week as I started randomly seeing my battery light turn on while driving... NOT GOOD...

Well the battery was old so I went and replaced it. Man have car parts shot through the freaking roof! The lowest cost battery was over $100! Well a couple of days go by and everything is back to normal on the battery front until today... The battery light started flickering again. I went to AutoZone and tested it and got a terminal cleaning kit. The brand new battery was fine, and the alternator and starter were all fine from the test... So I cleaned the crap out of the terminals and well, it didn't solve the issue.

So I started doing some research and apparently the alternator or the belt are going bad. It starts to turn on as I am giving it gas so that is telling me the alternator is basically shot. FUN TIMES! So now I have to sit and wait for my HBD in savings to do it's 3.5 day thing to have the funds to get a new alternator and belt. I do not want to risk driving very far and something happens. It's running for now, but don't want to risk it.

Stripe Payment Processor

This was the cherry on the freaking cake. My credit and debit card processor for the Hivelist Store and BlockTunes dropped me as a customer because of selling NFTs on the website, no matter if we had taken fiat for them or not. I tried to appeal with no resolve, so yeah, I am done taking fiat payments on any of my businesses. Gives me the push to just go full on crypto. The person was nice enough to offer an alternative, but I don't even want to deal with another payment processor like that.

Hivelist Store Maintenance Issues

While dealing with these issues, something on the Hivelist Store must have auto updated and the site went down. This was just for the store, which is built on Wordpress with Woocommerce, so the blockchain side of Hivelist was not an issue.

The Hive payment plugin on the other hand as well as another were the ones that broke things. Something in a WooCommerce update didn't like the plugin so I got with my server team and we got to work getting things resolved.

I had to go down to just the Coinbase payments for a while, but now have Hive and HBD back up and running and monitoring it closely so hopefully it doesn't happen again.

But The Building Continues...

So since I cannot get out and earn any fiat, I am going to be focusing on getting some things finished up with some NFT projects I am wanting to launch!

The Logical NFTs and DAO

The Logical NFTs are coming which will be a fun 5000 piece collection of randomly generated art by me with different rarity levels. This collection will be on Polygon and will be funding The Logical DAO which will be a stablecoin based DAO that will help fund development and marketing for the various projects that I run. The Logical Paper is coming this week explaining the plans for the DAO.

HashCats Social Club NFT Collection and Social Network

The other project, The HashCats Social Club is going to be a 10k piece collection that when you mint the NFT, that is your membership pass into the exclusive social club which is being built into the site and uses the Unlock Protocol to act as the paywall which opens up the site to those who have a HashCat! There will also be member only mints and exclusive metaverse meetups!


BlockTunes is coming along nicely. Just waiting on the NFT marketplace devs to get finished with the framework and it will be off to the races! We will be integrating BSC ERC1155 NFT contracts which will allow us to mint multiple editions, which is good for music. It also allows us to bulk mint which will help save gas fees!

PolyList NFT Marketplace

This extension to the Hivelist platform is taking us cross chain and opening up an NFT marketplace on Polygon that will be primarily using pHBD and USDC as the payment options for the NFT mints and markets. We will be doing a hybrid build with this, offering our own internal marketplaces as well as integrating Opensea embedded pages when necessary.

This is going to open up our ecommerce platform to a much bigger marketplace with Polygon and will allow us to do some cool things like stablecoin NFT collections and fundraisers, crowdfunding, and more! More info on all this will come as it is built out!


Anyway, I guess the only thing I can say is that everyone needs to keep their head up! You can see that this week was pretty rough for me so I have been kind of quiet on the posting and curating front, which it looks like the whole space has been a bit quiet... Everyone is off licking their wounds... But hey, if you survived it, you will be alright in the long run! I have already started buying back some BTC... Well that was until the van problems started to hit, lol... Anyway, anyone needs to vent, the comment section is open! The week sucked for everyone in crypto so here is an open forum to air it out!

I love you all!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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It's weird to see the payment processor ban you for NFTs and not for crypto in general. I guess they really don't like NFTs.

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They say they are working on accepting them, but in the US it is concidered a restricted business. Land of the free my ass

When it rains, it certainly pours :(

Keep grinding and putting yourself in a position to achieve life changing money.

Remember, you only need 1 project or investment to hit and you will be set.

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Well I have plenty of Projects out there, one of them needs to hit.

pay out like $40 in gas just to profit $60

Far out man, that's rough. And yeah things are going up everywhere!!! We've noticed it here. THere's things we are trying to buy now because we know they are going to go up. I'm glad we did a lot of car repairs before this crisis.

Feeling for everyone licking their crypto wounds this week!

Looks like there's hope for the future though, this week sounds like a crappy one but I'm sure it can only get better and looks like you have a ton of projects on teh go that I hope reap good things.

Hoping so. Thanks for the kind words.

a week to remember... 😡

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