Hivelist Is 2 Years Old Today! Celebrating With Some History And A LIST Token Burn!

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Watching a project come to life is like watching a child grow! Today, 2 years ago, my first blockchain based child was born! It was spawned the day after my last day in an 8 year career with Apple.

As soon as I had learned that once I was finished with them, I was free to build my own projects and they wouldn't have any hold on them, I immediately went to the drawing board! I was already involved with Weedcash, but it wasn't my creation, I just jumped in early and got involved. Hivelist was the first true blockchain based project that I started.

Well, Coin Logic was the first, but it was just more or less a site about crypto, not actually involving blockchain or crypto payments.

I Saw A Need

Ever since the old blockchain, I have seen a need for e-commerce in this ecosystem. That is because we have more than just a social network, we are building a complete ecosystem. So why not have e-commerce? Well I saw some early ideas fail, so I came up with a different solution... A simple classifieds platform similar to Craigslist...

That was where it all started. What some may not know is that I tried to build it on Wordpress originally using the old Steempress, now @exxp plugin to connect with the blockchain. This would have given me more design control over the front end as the main Hive front ends we not really what I liked on a design level.

Well, that didn't work out as planned... And people were wanting a community token... So I decided to stop being cheap and invest in a Hive-Engine tribe front end!

Then Comes The Hivelist Store

So after all was set up with the new tribe front end and the LIST token was created, I still thought we needed more... So I built a store! The Hivelist Store is a WooCommerce based multivendor store where Hive community members can come start their own businesses! Similar to Amazon or Ebay. We even have an Affiliate program that pays out 5% commission on referred sales.

The WooCommerce Hive Payments plugin by @roomservice gave me the ability to set up payments for Hive, HBD, and other Hive-Engine tokens. So that was what I needed to make it a legit retail market for crypto payments!

Vendors can sell whatever they want, within legal reasoning... Not trying to run another Silk Road here, lol... But if you make a project or offer a service, you can sell it on the Hivelist Store!

We also offer a print on demand service were we act as the middleman between designers and the manufacturers. We handle the crypto to fiat payments to pay the production costs, taxes, and shipping. We pay out vendors in HBD, so they stay all in crypto!

Then Comes The Outpost

As time went on, so did the development of both myself, and the Hive-Engine team! When the new Tribe outposts were created, I knew I needed top get Hivelist upgraded for sure because I wanted to get into the NFT game with Hivelist and give the LIST token another use case than just for discounts and vendor fees.

So I coughed up the money, at this point in time was a pretty penny for sure because Hive was nearly $1. But I knew it had to happen. So I shifted over some funds, sold out of some tokens I was holding like INDEX, BRO, and my LEO stacks, but I made it happen.

I even added in a diesel pool which was another chunk of funds that I had to pull out of my you know what, lol. But again, made it happen.

So now, Hivelist is a full on Web 3.0 social e-commerce platform with DEFI and NFT marketplace all built into one! Not even mentioning the Web 2.5 e-commerce store on Wordpress/WooCommerce that only accepts crypto payments!

It's Been An Expensive But Worthwhile Ride

As I have said before, all of my projects have been bootstrapped by my own funds. Hivelist was funded by me selling my Apple stock and going all into crypto, then like I said earlier, the updates were all funded by trading and defi profits.

The LIST token is more of a utility token that I wanted people to earn fairly so I haven't made a ton of LIST sales other than in the early days of providing liquidity to the markets.

But in return, I have built something that is bigger than myself and giving people from all walks of life, young to old, a way to easily start their own business using what I have built.

Every time I feel like giving up and throwing in the towel, I get some comment from someone on Hive of how I have taught them something or how my project is helping them in some way, and it keeps me going! So I have all of you to thank for the continued motivation to keep on building and creating things. That to me is more valuable than any financial gain I could get. Building human capital in the community is by far better!

So I want to thank you all for your support and it's going to take all of us to help send this thing to the moon!

I want to be the blockchain answer to Amazon and Ebay, but only together, can we make that happen!

Again, thank you for the support and motivation of the last 2 years!


Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 12.34.33 PM.png

In celebration of Hivelist's second birthday, I have burned 2,000,000 LIST tokens from the @hivelist.token rewards pool! This is the account that holds and issues all of the LIST rewards. With a max supply of 500 million LIST tokens, these burns take the tokens out of circulation!

By The Numbers

That means that with last year's 1M burn and this year's 2M burn, along with post promotion, store fees, and NFT minting and whitelisting fees, we have burned a total of 4,189,202.102

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 12.38.58 PM.png

This leaves a total of 495,810,797.89843094 LIST tokens left in circulation.

Of those, 490,372,487.640 are still held in the hivelist.token account for distribution to those who use the Hivelist platform and those that stake the LIST token!

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 12.44.08 PM.png

We Are Still Early

That statement is so incredibly true, but sometimes hard to think about in the fast paced world of crypto. Being that Hivelist is now an established project with real world use cases, and pretty much fully built at this point. There is no reason why it can't succeed! Now that everything is pretty much finished as far as development, I will be focusing more on marketing, store product sourcing, and NFT artist and store vendor recruiting!

I am not stopping, but will not lie, I need a little help getting it out to the masses! So if anyone has ideas, or wants to help out, please contact me!

I am really excited though that I have stuck through the stresses and have built up a solid project in the blockchain space! It's one of those things that not many people can say right now, so not going to lie, it's kinda cool to think about! I am just glad that I am a person that would rather give back to the community and grow organically than to sell my soul for venture capital. I feel that is what is going to set Hivelist apart from anything that comes up!

It's all for you guys and gals! Love you all!

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Happy 2nd anniversary @thelogicaldude and congratulation for this huge uptake to bring a full suite of product on #Hive. I've looked into @HiveList and appreciated what you have put together to help other launch their blockchain commerce. It's offer a solid foundation for digital entrepreneur to start with. I see myself using your products. Big potential here with localization possibilities. Serving Hive Entrepreneurs will be the first target market and I will be open to do my part to make it happen. Again congratulation!

Thank you for the feedback!

I think the best feature is that you have your own vendors and fulfillment is handled where fiat payments are taken care of. I'm gonna be signing up soon.

Yeah we bite the fiat bullet for you and handle all that middleman stuff, lol.

Happy 2nd birthday and it's interesting to see the history around this because I wasn't around when the tribe started up.

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Yeah it’s been a ride for sure

Congrats btw.

I think that hivelist has a real huge potential if driven into the right direction and I think also that the LIST token is probably one of the most underrated second layer tokens on Hive (if not THE most underrated second layer token atm).

Some adjustments are needed (target audience, target markets, localization, visual appearance) but the general approach points in the right direction.

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Happy Birthday!! 2 years, awesome.

We should chat about projects sometime !LUV

!giphy congratulations


Why not promote this post and burn ANOTHER 1000 LIST! Happy Birthday to me!

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Done. 😁

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You didn't have to, that was me burning LIST from this account, lol. But thanks!

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Wow, it has been anexciting ride for these two years. I believe so hard in the future of the LIST token. I know there is a huge value nit is giving and will give beyond its price. I'll still gun for 200k tokens on the long run.

I truly salute your courage in building this community the utility token -LIST. I see a brighter future.

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