Back Into Doge We Go

in #leofinance2 years ago


So yesterday was fun, something told me to start looking at the DOGE charts and was glad I did when I did. Yesterday I got in at .54 and got out at .68 for a nice profit. And man, I got out at the right time! Because back down the DOGE came, such drop! Lol!

So I waited until it found a nice floor and market cipher flashed a green dot on the momentum wave on the 1 Hour and the 30 Min charts so I decided to jump back in and got in around .635 when I was able to confirm that double bottom that it formed.

So let’s see what happens!

Maybe Papa Elon and Much Pump DOGE and we can all make such profits!

Happy trading and don’t get Rekt!



Absolutely awesome job and congratulations with the forward progress today and trading

Yeah, this second round isn't going as well, should have been a bit more patient, which I am still holding and waiting on it to pop again. May actually double down which will lower my cost average

Right on!!! Keep it going!!!