Bitcoin Futures ETF Launches But Price Dumps! Our First Coin Logic Live Stream

Hello everyone and welcome to the first live stream for Coin Logic TV! We are mixing it up a bit and trying out the live format for a while to see if we can help build some audience and really to see if it flows a bit more naturally. Had to use the YouTube link as I was not able to download the replay from the live stream.

Today we are looking at an article in the Coin Logic News Center from talking about todays Bitcoin Futures ETF launch on the Nasdaq. And as it always does on big news events, the price of Bitcoin dumped down after hitting all time highs just a couple of days ago.

Talking a look at the charts and taking the temperature to see if the Bitcoin fever is wearing off.

Nothing we say is financial advise. This is for educational and recreational purposes only! Stay safe in these volitile markets and don't get rekt!

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