BTC Need More Momentum To Continue Rise

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 3.19.38 PM.png

As we did have a beautiful break out of the falling wedge pattern, BTC is starting to show some weakness around the 48k levels as it is finding some heavy resistance arount this line.

Bitcoin needs to break above the 49k-50k range to continue the bullish momentum. Although we could also see a rejection and head back to the bottom of the longer term triangle. The bottom of that triangle is really the point of no return for the bull run, if we are even still in one.

The momentum on the volume is really not very impressive as well as the indicators aren't incredibly bullish at the current time, it doesn't mean we still don't have some room to go.

This is Bitcoin and anything is possible. All we can do is continue to take the data and make our moves as it comes.

Price predictions are for those that like hopes and dreams, we like truth and probabilities.

Be careful out there trading in the short term.

We have moved majority of our funds into automatic market making defi protocols that are auto compounding, so our funds are already bull or bear run ready! Either way we keep earning!

Good luck out there in crypto land!

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