Hive Is Looking Ripe For a Breakout

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I love falling wedges. They are one of my favorite patterns to trade.

So this is Hive on the 4HR timeframe. Looking nice and poised for a potential breakout of the pattern. Falling wedges like to breakout to the upside, but at times will track sideways for a bit after the breakout, usually retesting support before really running.

The Market Cipher indicator is showing strong bottom indicators on the momentum wave with a strong double green dot printing. The money flow indicator is currently in the red looking like it is moving to the upside... reversal indications!

Not financial advice, obviously, but I am moving some HBD into HIVE as we speak... just saying...

Have a great day and don’t get rekt!

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2021 is a massive year for HIVE

Let it pump. The bull market applies to have as well, right.
I have been saying since it felt to $0.5 that it will get back to $1 soon and now you came with the scientific proof as well.

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thank you for sharing this analysis with us, I also thought about converting some HBD to HIVE. I think I'll do it tomorrow.

I'm like Fox Mulder, I want to believe. However, I don't understand what is driving the price increase for Hive. I'm glad Hive is pumping. I'll be glad if it pumps more. But, I always have a nagging worry that at some point it will drop again.

In the meantime, I'll keep posting and commenting. My horizon for Hive is decades. So, there is plenty of time to let nature take its course.

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Just ride the waves dude! Lol! It’s all I can say. Kind of the way I think of it is like this, when it’s down, I stake and accumulate more, when it’s up, I take some profits off the table. No shame at all in that. Just never bet more than you can afford to lose. Unlike my irresponsibly long self, lol.

Irresponsibly long here too.

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Although the breakout didn’t go the direction I wanted, lol.

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