Was On A Call With Elon Musk, How Was Your Friday Night?

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Last night as I was sitting in a hospital parking lot because my ex had chest pains at my niece’s birthday party, yeah fun night, but while I was waiting I was listening in to a big crypto Twitter Spaces discussing the FTX fallout and how incredibly fucked the industry is.

This spaces has some crypto celeb attendees already like Kim Dot Com, big project leads, many of the exchanges and more. I even saw a wild @jeffjagoe in the crowd. As things we heating up and people were breaking news right and left, the man himself, Elon Musk asked to speak!

“DOGECOIN to the MOON” was how he came in! Lol. It was epic!

SBF Fired Off Elon’s BS Meter

When asked what he thought of SBF, Elon said when he first met him, he had no idea who SBF was and that his bullshit meter was firing on all cylinders, lol. Remember, SBF tried to come into the the Twitter deal as an investor.

Elon’s Crypto Endorsements

Elon first endorsed the ever wise thought of NOT YOUR KEYS NOT YOUR COINS. He highly recommended cold storage wallets. That was the first endorsement.

Then he went on to really only endorse 3 chains, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and of course DOGE.

He also doesn’t think the industry is as screwed as we are thinking, but then continued to push cold storage, Bitcoin and Doge, lol.

Fun Ending To A Not So Fun Night

In light of the issues with my ex-wife, who is okay, well at least her chest is, the rest of her, a whole other story, lol. But I am a good dude and still the first one in line to help when needed.

Anyway, being on a call and the man himself coming in and dropping bombs then getting glitched out of the space, lol, was pretty awesome!

From that, he really seems genuinely interested in making positive changes. So maybe my opinion of him is starting ti come around a bit. Maybe he is seeing that the good side needs a leader too!

This was written on my mobile, so sorry for any typos, and Jeff, sorry for the multiple mentions… Edits and all, lol.

Until next time everyone…

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Wow, how crazy is that? The man, the myth, the chief twit himself.
I'd be ecstatic if I ever got to chat with Elon Musk.

Well I didn’t get to personally talk to him, it was a big room, but it was pretty awesome to say the least, lol

Ohhh, Alright I understand. lol Still that's gotta be an amazing experience. What are the chances? lol I bet the crypto space was going crazy on Twitter after this meetup.

I saw how it was talked about quite a bit but I am kind of glad that Elon didn't get involved with SBF. After all, they just had to prove that he had the money liquid and Elon would have taken it.

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