Everyone Needs To Just Mind Their Own Business - A Dudely Rant

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I hope you are ready for some truth and some words that you usually don't see me posting online as I try to keep things a bit professional, but I am kind of pissed off right now, haha. So you are about to meet my 'Walter', those who know the 'Big Lebowski' know that reference, haha.

This statement in the image is really starting to become more and more prevalent in my daily vocabulary. To preface this, many of you know, many may not, I am what the kids call a digital nomad. I live in my van and travel around the state of Oregon for now as my youngest daughter is just starting her senior year. After she graduates, my plan is to move back to my family farm in Alabama and become a humble mushroom and micro-greens farmer.

Honestly, I love living van life, most of the time. It certainly has its pros and cons, honestly until lately more pros than cons, but things have started to change a bit recently, at least in the areas I have been basically living in for the last 5 years (My 3 year vaniversary is actually at the beginning of October).

Maybe it's just something with this week, but I have had 2 incidents now, while minding my own damn business, hanging out at the same public parks where I usually hang out, where random people have come up and harassed me about sitting in a public park.

Incident Number 1

The first was a lady that claimed to be 'neighborhood watch', but more looked like a homeless lady who stunk to high heavens coming and telling me that I had to leave the park. Now to be clear, most parks in the cities do not allow overnight parking. That is completely fine. This was at 8pm and I was working on some @blocktunes work and she just decided that she would come and threaten me with the police. I told her to call them. They never came, lol. I told the nasty woman that I was getting ready to leave anyway, but she kept at me. I had to get ugly and called her bluff on calling the cops and said some things I probably shouldn't have, but even though I am a cool dude, I have a short temper.

Incident Number 2

The second incident happened last night while hanging out at another park, that I actually know all the park employees and security, and they know who I am too. They have a solid public wifi connection that I pay for with my taxes, so I have every right to sit there from 6am-11pm. It's generally quiet and nobody usually bothers me. But last night this douche bag decided to ride up to me on a bike and proceeded to start harassing me and said that I can't use that as my living room and I had to leave. I told him to show me a badge or shut the fuck up.

I pulled out the park rules and city parking laws on my phone and started quoting them out to him. He then started asking me where I went to sleep and I proceeded to tell him it was none of his damn business and he needed to ride his ass away. He then said that he has been having problems at his house and was basically accusing me of being a thief because I live in a van. That's told him I was a blockchain developer and trader and he could fuck off with that action and that if he didn't stop harassing me, I was going to have to get out of the van, and that wouldn't be good for him. He rode away mumbling some shit. I stayed at the park until I legally had to leave just to spite his ass.

Moral Of The Story

So the moral of the story kids is that just because you see a dude in a van hanging out at different times over a couple of days doesn't give you the right to come up and harass them. Especially a dude that is almost 6 foot and 240 pounds, lol. Not a smart move, lol.

If you are thinking about the van life, it is ESSENTIAL that you know the parking laws in the area that you are going to be parking in so that when assholes decide to be citizens on patrol, you can pull out the official rules and regs and tell them to kick rocks.

But really, this message goes with everything going on in this world. Governments think they have the right to tell you what to do and how to live, which makes life stressful. Then you have people in society that thinks that they have the right because of what ever bullshit reason or the other to tell you how you should live. Well in my dudely opinion, they can all fuck off! Live life the way you want to, but just do it in a way that you are respectful to the people around you.

Remember the good old golden rule...

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...

It's pretty simple logic right? Seems that some people find it a bit difficult to take in though. So just do you Boo, get yourself right, don't worry about what other people are doing, and everything will be fine.

Until next time my friends...

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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I had some people patronizing me until they learned better.

People have to learn, lol.

Totally agree. Some people can just get into your nerves, no matter how much you try to ignore them lol

I've always liked John Goodman's character in the big lebowski. 😅

Mark it 0

Live and let live.. it's a simple statement, but for many hard to master.

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