'Life Is Weird' With TAHLS - (New music review)

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For a true songwriter, music will mirror their life. In quite an uncertain time over the past few years, that mirror has shown some pictures that are not that pretty. We have all dealt with a lot. Our recent discovery TAHLS lets his music show the chaos that he has personally experienced.

To deal with all of this, the TAHLS project was formed. It was born out of necessity to build a foundation to maintain his sanity through some very mentally unhealthy times. Music is a savior once again. Influences come from all over the map. Brit pop and Jazz seem to form the foundation but do not be surprised to hear sounds that bring to mind music from Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Billie Eilish to Justin Timberlake.

September 16th, 2022, TAHLS released his newest EP Life Is Weird. The two track record is a statement on life in the times we live. The songwriter reminds us that there are mountains to climb but we must enjoy the fun we can have along the way.

Opening with “Such Life” we are greeted by a minimalist sad piano to set the tone. The vocals of TAHLS are delivered with whispered emotion as the words seem to be let out cautiously. The minor chords push this further as we are eased into the darkness of the songwriter’s world.
‘Around We Go’ With TAHLS

TAHLS · 'Around We Go'


The 2nd track “Around We Go” shows some more depth. Noises and sounds come into the mix from all angles to add multiple layers to the song. The rawness of a guitar clashes with an elegant electric piano to show the duality we all experience. The vocals stay on the elegant side as the passionate delivery continues.

Consider this an introduction to the TAHLS world and the emotions he can create for the listener. Keep up with more from TAHLS on his INSTAGRAM.


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