Hot girl turns out to be a racoon!

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Just a fun story I stumbled upon today. Meet Julia Grandoni, the sexy tiktoker...


That turned out to be a raccoon



via: New York Post

Ok ok, to be fair she is not a raccoon and that still is just terrible. But that wouldn't make a fun post title.

Visit the New York Post if you want to learn more about her.

And here's a link to her tik tok to see some more of her transformations

P.S: Don't worry, the deeper we get in the bear market the shittiest my posts will become. There's still a long way to go before I start scraping the bottom 💩💩💩💩


Fake outlooks, fake personalities, fake lives. This pretty much sums up the world currently. Nevertheless, let's have more fun :D

Tiktok filters work wonders! From cockroach to butterfly. They are well-studied and strike at the narcissism of the creators

Yγ: Ρε αυτη μοιαζει με την superkiki!

Lol i wish i got that kind of upvote for some of my posts. Can't even get that for any of my decent posts lol. Not even for shitposts.

Hive is largely a game of meeting and connecting with the right people. Building a decent stake helps too and I am also involved (and have invested) with too many projects too mention. Taking all earnings out and dumping doesn't help much either, if I remember right I hadn't sold a penny for the first three years, but instead powered up everything. If instead you dump mostly everything, don't expect much traction regardless of content cause investors don't really have much incentive to support you. No judging, just stating how things are from my pov

So you get upvoted for shitposts because you don't take out your Hive/HBD and you're involved in many Hive projects. Mkay.


Don’t insult raccoons like that…. Oof she’s rough….

Looks like a man.

Is she on Tinder too?

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There's still a long way to go before I start scraping the bottom

I guess you have a very deep latrine then :))

Tiktok filter is quite deceiving

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