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Introduction – The Satoshians vs. CBF

Introduction is sourced from the front page of the website

Deep in space lies a small galaxy called The Blockchain Galaxy. It is home to a race of free and sovereign beings known as the Satoshians. The Satoshians were born and bred on the Planet Satoshi with their own unique BTC identification number. They all have extremely unique personalities and traits but all have the same common goal, to live life abundantly as free and sovereign people with an uncorrupted economy.

Planet Satoshi acts as the capital planet of the Blockchain Galaxy. Everything in the galaxy was running smoothly for a long time, until one day, the galaxy was invaded by a race of beings from a remote star system called the Jekyll System. These evil aliens believed that they were a far superior race and wanted to enslave the Satoshians and extort them of their energy and resources. This group, known as the Central Banking Federation, only wanted one thing… Complete control over the Satoshians and the Blockchain Galaxy! They want the Satoshians to own nothing and be happy about it, but the Satoshians were having nothing to do with that!

In response to the horrors that the CBF brought upon wonderful people of the galaxy, a small group of Satoshians decided to create an army of robots that can help defend the monetary policy of the galaxy against the evil banking alliance. The Satoshians retreated to the inner parts of Planet Satoshi to come up with the perfect plan and then after some time and allot of work, the Hashbot Army was born!



About the Hashbots

Each Hashbot is a unique encrypted machine designed to do one thing, protect the integrity and sovereignty of the monetary policies of the galaxy that the evil Central Banking Federation is trying to destroy. These bots were created in the Robohash Bot factory, in which each bot was created uniquely and algorithmically with a specific BTC, LTC, or DOGE encrypted hash or, otherwise known as an address. This makes each bot unique in it’s own way. They may have different looks, but they all are built to protect and verify the blockchain galaxy!

The BTC bots are the elite bots of the army. They were created to set the base standard for the rest of the Hashbot army. They are by far the most secure force in the galaxy and our first line of defense against the evil CBF. The BTC bots are often referred to as the Maxi Force.

The BTC Squad are the first wave of bots that are being deployed across the galaxy along with a small team of Satoshians to set the standard and the coinbase for the fight against the evil Central Banking Federation that is trying to absorb all the resources in the galaxy! Each deployment is being split among the 3 largest systems that are the biggest strategic bases across the galaxy. Each Hashbot is named with the blockchain precursor followed by the hash used to create the bot (Pictured is Hashbot BTC-bc1q2ynfgtd0mnftlpzeh2fwn7h3p7z87rph299aee).

After the first group of Hashbots were created, the Satoshians saw that they were going to need to scale their forces up to be able to spread more forces out to the main systems of the galaxy that were in battle with the CBF. Although the BTC bots were extremely strong and secure, they did have some flaws. The Satoshians found that they needed some bots that were similar to the BTC bots, but they needed to be faster and use less energy. Only the more elite Satoshians could continue to use the BTC bots due to the energy consumption, which made the rest of the population vulnerable to attack.

So another group of 21 Satoshians were appointed to create the next wave of Hashbots. This time with their speed and energy efficiency, they decided to call them the Lite HashBots, or LTC Bots for short. Being these were lighter and faster bots, the Satoshians found they could actually make more of this wave of bots. They look very similar to the BTC Maxi force, but are a bit smaller in stature, which give them an edge in speed. The Satoshians were able to create 400 of the LTC Commandos and will be the second deployment in the battle of galactic monetary sovereignty! These bots will be deployed to scale the Hashbot army to protect more of the middle class Satoshians.

As the LTC Commandos were being built, the Satoshians found that they could harness even more resources and make smaller and lighter bots than the LTC commandos. These bots are of a completely different design than the BTC or LTC bots. They are much smaller in stature, but extremely fast and efficient. The problem with these bots is that they are not as powerful and secure as the BTC or LTC bots. As these bots were being designed, the third group of 21 Satoshians joked with each other that these looked like pets for the other bots, thus they named them the DOGE bots. These bots, being much smaller in size and needing less resources, gave the Satoshians the ability to create even more of these bots, thus 1000 DOGE bots were created and the DOGE Battalion was formed! The DOGE Battalion is the third wave of the attack meant to protect the common Satoshian. With their numbers, they can spread out and cover more ground and help short squeeze the CBF and end their reign in the Blockchain Galaxy!

Get ready to get your Hashbot, Satoshian, or collect as many as you can to have your own Hashbot squadron to protect you from the evil Central Banking Federation!

First Deployment 9/6/2021

This is the deployment of the BTC bots to 3 different systems, Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana. The ETH and Polygon collections are hosted on Opensea and the Solana collection will be on, which will be open on Friday, 9/3/21, just in time for deployment!
ETH will get 50 BTC Hashbots and 7 Satoshian, with 2 of the Satoshians being minted sooner, as a 'recon' force.

Polygon and Solana will each receive 25 BTC Hashbots and 7 Satoshians, with 2 Satoshians being minted on each prior to deployment as 'recon' just like ETH. This is basically establishing the marketplace.

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Second Deployment 10/5/21

This is the deployment of the LTC Commandos. 200 LTC Hashbots will be deployed with 7 Satoshians to the Ethereum system.

Polygon and Solana will each receive 100 LTC Hashbots and 7 Satoshians.

Third Deployment 11/5/21

Remember, remember the 5th of November! This is the deployment of the DOGE Battalion!

500 DOGE Hashbots and 7 Satoshians will go to the Ethereum system.

Polygon and Solana will each receive 250 DOGE Hashbots and 7 Satoshians.

Future Deployments

We are already in the works of getting ready for the 4th, 5th, and 6th deployments to the Binance, HIVE, and WAX Solar Systems! These deployments are planned for early 2022!

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Notes about the project from @thelogicaldude

This is the first of hopefully many NFT projects that will come out of the Contract Logic NFT Studio!

This project is something that really spurred to mind one day as I was watching all of these NFTs going for crazy amounts of money, and realized that the markets are now slowing down at all! So I put all silliness aside, went back into my childish side a bit and went to work trying to figure out a fun collectible project to come up with.

I went to work looking for some inspiration and came across a website that really spurred my interest. After hours looking on the internet for some fun avatar creators and such, I came across This was a fun looking site. It is a text to image generator that uses the SHA algorithm to randomize the photos. They have several sets of avatars that you can use. The BTC and LTC bots are used from the original set and the DOGE bots are using the 3rd set. The Satoshians were created using the second avatar set, which were some fun goofy looking aliens. All of the bots and Satoshians are really kind of silly which made it fun to play with. Reminds me of all the unique people we have in the crypto space, haha.

The back story really started to come to mind as I was playing around with the random generator. When I was digging into the mechanics of the site more and found out it used the SHA algorithm, the idea came to me on how I was going to make the NFTs!

How I Did It

What I did was I downloaded the Bitpay Wallet to my computer which allows me to basically create as many private keys as I need. In each private key, I selected to create BTC, LTC, DOGE, and BCH wallets...

--Note, the BCH wallets have not been used for this collection, but may be used in the future for a special series. --

Each chain on each key allowed me to create 20 wallets. So I opened as many keys as I needed and created all the wallet addresses. As I created the addresses, I took the newly generated address and used it to create each hashbot. This way, each bot is truly unique in it's own way. There will never be a replica of a hashbot created. Each address ties to only one bot. This makes for complete scarcity. Unlike many other NFT projects that have XX amount for each card type.

I did the same thing for the Satoshians. They are also made up of their own unique BTC addresses, and there will only be 21 Satoshians for each deployment, so they are the rarest ones of them all.

I am prepping the team to get to work on getting the LTC and DOGE bots ready for deployment as I work on marketing, and planning for the next project using the same resources! So stay tuned!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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