Weekly Challenge: I Got Rekt!

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Every week, @splinterlands posts a challenge for players to post about their battle, using a specific card or splinter. This week’s challenge, is to use Prismologist!


Only monsters with you've been numbered men, may be used. Also, all monsters have the Amplify ability! Amplify increases Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Thorns damage to all enemy monsters by 1.The mana limit is capped at 21.

Here is my battle:


So, here was the team I put together:

Since, Prismologist is a Life Monster, I began by choosing my Life summoner. I picked, Ilthain- a powerful Life Summoner! Ilthain is at level 2 and adds a speed stat to each melee monster!! This card also adds the Return Fire ability to each friendly monster! When hit with a Ranged attack, Monsters with Return Fire will return reduced damage back to their attacker. This card is also a gold foil card!

My Monster Lineup

In my tank position, I chose CELESTIAL HARPY. I don't particularly like there's card, and I really couldn't tell you why I chose it. It can fly, which is cool, and it also has the opportunity ability. Monsters with the Opportunity ability may attack from any position and will target the enemy Monster with the lowest health. I should've chose another card.

LUMINOUS EAGLE followed. I like this card a lot, and it has some good stats. The reachability allows it to attack in this position, and its flying ability helps it evade attacks!!

PRISMOLOGIST, anchored the team. I chose this mainly because it was part of the challenge. I like this card though! My favorite is the blast ability! Blast does additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster.

I got wrecked in three quick rounds. It was my fault. I got distracted and ran out of time. However, I submitted this crappy team with two seconds to spare. The cards themselves are not bad, it's just I should've added a couple more to meet the mana limit.

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