🐦The Earliest Birds (Get The Berries)🍓

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Iiiiit's that time again! The April showers bring May flowers that bring June's berries! The first round of blue raspberries has born its fruit and Freya was super excited. She has been asking me since they started flowering a month ago, "Can we go pick the berries now?"

With a happy tongue, we managed to get the first round of about a half quart of the sweet and sour deliciousness. This weekend, as you can see many are just days away from turning blue, will be the first harvest round. We usually have three and often miss the first teaser batch because the birds devour them. But, not this year, Freya made sure of that! Way to keep me on my toes little one, well done.

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Freya's emotion goes beyond the screen, this fruit has a very good taste. I hope they have a lot of harvest there soon. 🫐

What a thrill, she is very attentive to the harvest, she is a great helper.

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