🐟That Smile Tho!😁

in #photography3 days ago

The Warrior Princess outfished everyone by pulling in this 3.5 pound mini-beast of a bass! Freya was excited, pointing at the catch and even Wenzday, was impressed with the size of the brains in front of her. But most of all, daddy was happy to see how happy it made his lil'un. That was the best part. The smile.

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How awesome! I bet she's not sharing her fishing secrets, is she...? 😏

Lol cute <3

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that is the proudest, most beautiful smile... she's a lady of the lake for sure! hehehehe

i wish you got video of her reeling it in! there is no better excitement than the struggle of pulling in a big one! hehehehe love it!

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.