Podcast: My First Online Store and My Favorite 3 Web3 events!

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My First Online Store and My Favorite 3 Web3 events!

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My experience creating my first print-on-demand shop to support The Uncle Project Podcast and my blog. It was a super simple process made possible by tools made available on the hive blockchain. Thanks to the Hivelist tribe and ClickTrackProfit Tribe I was able to create my very first e-commerce store, and my store accepts major cryptocurrencies and other cryptocurrencies that I like including HIVE, WAXP, and BNB. Now people in my community have a space where we can find products with cool designs and rep our favorite blockchains on t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, phone cases, water bottles, and other products.

I also get into my favorite 3 web3 community events that I like and really think bring the community together. If you're a crypto or an NFT enthusiast, your gonna love this blockchain topic-heavy episode.


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