Get an in-person Badge to DEFCON today

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In my last post, I, with only a little vulgarity, described how medical events prevented me from going. so i decided to give the ticket away.

i had planned to do this via @thecontesttrain, but i realized that waiting a week to run a contest would kill any prep time for the winner, so im doing 5this here and now

write a comment here telling me why you want to go, and why you deserve it

thats it. it doesn't have to be long either. whoever writes what i like, first, gets the ticket
this ticket remains available until I update this post OR make a comment stating so

there are plenty of activities scheduled for newbies
check it out at

upvotes and reshives are accepted, but wont affect decision

donations otoh, might. ill consider a donation to be a comment ;>

however donations are NOT necessary to win


I've never been but I really want to go one year. Sucks that you can't make it. No way I could make it this year so I won't bother to try to snag your pass :). Re-blogged for visibility so hopefully someone who can go sees this.

damn, you would have been a shoe-in

sorry you cant make it either

maybe next year for both of us

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I am in the process of moving so definitely not something I can do. I am also reblogging your post for visibility.

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I'll update the post so that the "due date" is extended

it's funny that all the folks who might have been interested will be busy BUT I did sit on the probability I wouldnt be able to go 2 weeks longer than necessary

Yeah I'll likely be using up all of my vacation time for the year in moving. We put down an offer on a place JUST outside city limits in Eldon, MO. It was accepted. Depending upon how much my house sells for (went on market yesterday) we'll potentially add another 8 acres to the 4 we have in the initial accepted offer.

I saw the post in which you described the trip down, talking about the friendliness ratio on the way down. Welcome to the South, Deva!

Rich said I could give you his email addy; are you still using Discord?

I have my discord but I rarely login to it because I too easily get distracted by it. I think I have his email. Nope... I just have his gmail address from back when we all spoke to Jerome Corsi.

he's using a proton email, too

i'll shoot that over via discord, but I know you're megabusy these days; let me know if you have any problms, and we'll figger something else out

That sounds good.