2022 1 oz Republic of Cameroon Silver Cheetah Coin.

The 2022 1 oz Republic of Cameroon silver cheetah coin is another great example of the work Scottsdale Mint does.


The cheetah is the World's fastest land animal, reaching speeds up to 50 to 61 mph, and can be found in the Savannahs in the Serengeti, Arid mountains in the Sahara and the desert terrain in Iran. The appearance of the cheetah has a smaller head, long legs, slender body and a tawny coat with black spots. The cheetah is typically active and hunting during the day with the peak times being at dawn and dusk. They hunt small to medium sized prey and normally stalk them from about 200-300 feet using it's high speed to run down it's targets.

The obverse side features a frosted background with a shiny finished image of the Cameroon coat of arms. The banner at the bottom of the coat of arms reads REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON on the top and REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN on the bottom. The outer rim is inscribed with REPUBLICQUE DU CAMEROUN on the top and 500 FRANCS CFA on the bottom.

The Reverse features a cheetah in the center sitting on a mound with frosted and and shiny strips in the background simulated sun rays. The inscription on the left reads 2022 CHEETAH and along the outer rim the text reads 1 TROY OZ - .999 SILVER.


Year 2022
Purity .999
Manufacturer Scottsdale Mint
Diameter 39 mm
Thickness 3.2 mm
Edge Design Reeded
Condition Brilliant Uncirculated
Face Value 500 Francs CFA
Issuing Country Republic of Cameroon
Metal Weight 1 Troy Ounce


This is an interesting Face Value for a One Ounce Silver Coin...

As far as it being silver and only have a face value of about $.82 U.S. the actual coin used in general transactions in the country may have a common use at the normal value of the coin.

I agree this silver coin has a much greater value then what the coins face value reads but these silver coins are replicas of the actual coin and not meant for normal trade. I mean you can trade it if you want but the store is only going to give face value so it wouldn't make sense.

It should have a $10 Face Value instead of an $.82 Face Value... A $10 Face Value would have the Spending Power of 1,000 of today's Fiat USD's on the other side of the Reset I see heading our way...

Artistically depicted on a coin, looks terrific and eye catching, should be a part of my collection IA

Thanks, yeah I agree does catch the eye and has what I think is a very cool design.


Very nice coin, Mike.
I received mine this past week.

It does have some fine detailing.


Thanks John
It is very nice and as you can see the
detail looks much better looking at it
in person.

Indeed it does.


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Wow @maddogmike this a really pretty coin! I love the Cheetah and that background on the coin. I like the contrast of the frosted and shiny parts of the coin. Thank you for sharing. Barb 😊👍 !BBH !CTP

Yes, it's a great cat with a cool design.
Very clean looking and still catches the eye.

I agree @maddogmike Have a great weekend! !BBH !CTP

The cheetah reminds me of my late cat, I miss him.

Sorry to hear about your late cat, I hope
this brings positive memories about your
cat for you.

He's memorialized in this post last October. An adorable tabby yet very proficient mouse hunter.

Very interesting design on there and the first coin I seen from Cameroon

I have another Cameroon coin I posted about a long time ago with a dragon on it but I think those are the only 2 coins I have seen so far.

Nice. I just got an email from Scottsdale on the release of the Ghana lion it’s cool as hell.

Very cool, I will check it out.

They sent me an email today with leopard on it and that one looks good also.

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