The Daily Meme #324!

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Take it easy, folks.
We are very early in this game.
If we don't pay the developers they won't continue to work on this platform.
It's not like the authors here are capable of keeping the code online and updated.

At some point all that money can go to something else, but 3.6 million dollars a year buys only so much development.
This is all the fund can disperse.
Sure it has 110million usd in it now, but that is not all available to be paid out.
The hive is on a conversion schedule, it's not coming out any faster, unless the devs decide to change the code.
No rumors of that happening.

So, take a chill pill.
It might take a couple years to get the layer one code up to where it can be left alone.

When we start funding charities and other bs from the pool then we can raise a ruckus.

Yes, I know there is a charity being funded, no I don't like it, but unless more of you start to pushback against funding anything other than developers creating code, this is what we get.

With the price up like it is the authors are doing pretty well.
The median payout has tripled.
Not too shabby.

Everybody wants moar now, but that isn't how bootstrapping a cryptocurrency from scratch has to happen, one piece at a time.

We are nearing two years of stinc free development.
Probably should let that run another one or two before we get up in arms about reaping the pool to pay coders and not newbs, imo.


That is all, for now, you may resume your otherwise humdrum day.
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I enjoyed that ! You should have mentioned though that good developers cost money. Crap ones are 10-a-penny on Fiver.

See what happened with the Hive engine app ;-)

What happened to h-e?

There was an app that was launched. It was useless and didnt work!

I guess I missed that drama.

Devs are generally only efficiently productive when they have project leads giving them oversight, holding them accountable and having deadlines. Hive devs do not have this oversight or accountability so it might as well be charity when you give them a blank check the way we have. Hive likely cannot attract more skilled devs due to people not wanting the liability attached to a fraud riddled project. There are many ways to structure grants in more sophisticated ways such as giving funds in intervals when milestones are met, giving payouts on results rather than just input and such but that's probably out of the scope of the kids playing in sandboxes that passes for development here. And the marketing is even worse and more inefficient but you didnt touch on that so I'll leave that alone for now and sperg about it some other time.

There are many ways to structure grants in more sophisticated ways such as giving funds in intervals when milestones are met,...

Yes, but nobody is helping organize a better way, to my knowledge.
It's like herding cats around here.
If you got ideas, please express them and let's see if we can get some attention on them.

not wanting the liability attached to a fraud riddled project.

Can you flesh that out?
I see lots of claims, but little evidence.
The blockchain won't lie, if you can lay out the facts.

And the marketing is even worse

The people that hold lots of power here don't think it's time to advertise yet, too many upgrades still needed to the base layer coding, or so I've been led to believe.
That should be coming to an end, soon™.

There's so much evidence out there to substantiate the fraud that I'm convinced people are either aware of it and being dishonest or have managed to put blinders on and will never see this no matter what evidence they are shown. This is exacerbated by the Justin Sun incident because I have seen people defend the bad actions of the cabal because of the relatively lower harm they perceive when compared to the jarring ninja mine problem and see the authoritarianism as a protective measure against that happening. I think I can empathize with that up until you realize that all this is in group versus out group stuff. They are still vicious against their out group and the only reason some people feel safer is because of their place in the caste system. I am convinced this is less nefarious than many dissenters with some exceptions for the really bad actors and I believe this falls under trauma begets trauma.

Now I'm willing to have an honest conversation and lay out all these problems if people want to honestly work on them however there are 2 issues. 1 if I substantiate it well then it will be an attack vector levied against me. The powers that be love unsubstantiated inspiration porn and will put that up on a pedestal but they hate honest audits and will zero posts that they perceive as "FUD". This is problematic already by itself and requires unpacking and discussion before tackling any of the fraud. 2 if I lay it all out then the perpetrators of fraud will be given more opportunity to cover their tracks which would impede the authorities currently investigating this matter. I am very torn on this because I both want bad actors held accountable while I also want us to self regulate and get ahead of this problem to avoid other regulators stepping in potentially making things even worse.

If you will join this room:
you will find like minded folks.
We can have a private conversation in the dm's.

If what you say is true, any bad actors will have to face these facts, better we get that over with sooner rather than later, imo.
I'd be happy to go over any facts you care to submit.

I frequent one of the rooms you put at the end of your blogs. You can reach me from there.

No people reaping then there is no people sowing the seed for the Dev to is balance...people get tired of seeing the Dev get the perks and not having anything left over for those that actualy push the comunity.....i have a book that noone has is amazing and ever evolving yet no one has read circles itself like development for development sake into infinitum.....the tower of babel.
Anywho a few other i know are leaving ... time tells all things.

The hive isn't for everybody, that is for sure.
The devs have nothing if nobody uses it.
Without the networking of non-devs the code just sits there looking pretty.

Just like the book i looks pretty if no one read it....indeed the have is not for everyone. I say fair they well. It will all be when it is.

Nobody reads anymore, too many flashylight boxes in our lives.
Cat videos get all the attention, not archaic books that got intentionally suppressed.

I heard from by book dealers that more people are actually reading ... the issue is that they are reading pulp fiction junk harlequin maybe worse then not reading....debatable.

There is a quote about that,...something to the effect that if books are massed produced it will only increase the garbage that passes for literature.
Seems to be true.

Not worth putting them in the chipper.....not the books that is.
Canada is burning books.....the Commi Broadcasting Crap (CBC) network was reporting on it...but only books that people would get offend by are being burnt not any other books. So that is a nice evolution from the past where it seemed that mots any and all books were burnt.

People are losing it.
They don't have to burn the books when they train everybody not to read them.

Hence why i keep my posts short...ha

I need developers for my games but everyone is so busy with their own projects and any outside developers I have approached are not familiar with developing dapps for HIVE !

It seems to be common problem.
Learning new languages to the point of abstraction takes dedication.
Less likely during the transition to the age of the flashylight box.
It's easier done when young.
You'll have to find them fresh out of skool.