Ways To Save Money On Food And Drink When Traveling Or Anytime Really

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One of the most expensive aspects of being on vacation can be the food and drink. Well, not only when on vacation, but anytime nowadays, am I right? But they say there isn’t any inflation going on... but that’s a whole other subject, lol. Back to food savings, there are quite a few ways you can save money.

I am writing this as I am looking at my budget for a summer cross country trip with my kids and the dog in the van, so these are things I am having to research and tell myself, so I figured I would share as I go, haha.

Research The Area Before You Go

When planning your trip, research the area you will be staying in. Check out the restaurants to see the price of the entrees and kids’ meals. Also see if there is anything special going on at the time you will be there, like Restaurant Week, where a 3-course meal with wine will cost around $20, or a Lobsterfest, Oktoberfest, or whatever-fest, haha. You get what I am saying.

Choose a room with a refrigerator and microwave. Plan to shop for the basics when you get there, such as milk and cereal, if you have small children. Stock up on snacks too. Bring reusable water bottles and water purification tablets if you are going overseas.

Choose Your Accommodations Wisely

Accommodations can sometimes include meals. For example, many of the motel chains offer a free hot breakfast. Eat well in the morning and that can tide you over for a good part of the day. If it’s a good continental breakfast, I will many times stock up with food for most of the day. I mean, it’s not a crime to get your money’s worth.

In many cases, you can also make your own sandwiches from the toast, bacon, egg and so on, which you can wrap up and take with you for lunch. Most places won’t mind, but just don’t be too obvious about it. In this case, all you would then have to worry about would be dinner and snacks.

Other hotels and resorts include all meals, or dinner. This is usually the case if they are in a remote location. Be sure not to miss out and make the most of each meal.

Eat Out During The Week, Not Weekends

There are often special deals on certain weekdays to entice more people to come out to dine, so make the most of them. It is also wise to find restaurants with a happy hour and eat during those times so you can get a good hearty meal for cheap, for a few apps and some cheap beers.

Plus the weekends are generally more crowded anyway, you can usually get in and out during the week, but you may have to wait on the weekends. You want to make the most of your time, so plan to eat in or take a meal on a weekend adventure.

Eat A Bigger Lunch And A Smaller Dinner

The lunch menu is often the same food, but far cheaper. And once again, you have happy hours. These usually offer the best value. And don’t be shy about asking for a doggie bag. If the portions are really large, avoid the temptation to overeat by taking one third to one half of the food and putting it on your bread plate, and asking them to pack up the rest. You will save money and calories too!

Look For Buffets

They will usually charge you per person no matter what the age of your children, but buffets are a great way to taste everything, and you can take some food away if you are not too obvious about it - like chicken fingers, sliced meats and rolls and so on that will be great for lunch the next day.

Preparation Is Key

Head to a warehouse store and buy granola bars or other snacks in bulk. Bring a reusable water bottle for each person. Have nuts on hand. Buy bread and a jar of peanut butter. The sandwiches will hold up well no matter what the weather.

Have a backpack to carry the snacks and water in. Bring a Thermos and fill it up each morning with coffee at the hotel. Bring a Tupperware for storing leftovers from buffets, or from your doggie bags.

Ask The Locals

The hotel staff or people who live in the area will usually know what’s good, at a good price. You can end up discovering some fantastic meals for great prices. Plus it’s a good way to avoid the dives and money trap restaurants.

Stay Clear Of The Drink Menu

It is important to stay hydrated, so be sure to drink the water at the table. If you do have to have a drink, steer clear of fancy cocktails, and go for beer or wine. Drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you have to keep costs down. If you or your kids have to have a soda, try to get a meal with one included or make sure it is unlimited refills. But really, it’s best to stay away from the sugary garbage anyway.

For alcohol, it is so much cheaper to go and buy it at the grocery store versus in a restaurant. This way you can stock up your hotel room and safely have a relaxing time without worrying about drinking and driving. Then you can snack on the extra food you got from breakfast, haha.

In Conclusion

These aren’t just tips and tricks for traveling, although it is the focus at the moment. This is really good advice for just everyday life. As mentioned before, inflation is coming, we all see it in food costs, so why not do yourself a favor and take advantage on every saving you can.

Gives you more money for fun, or to just buy some more crypto, haha.

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Going out to eat can sure add up. It’s one of my habits that I’m trying to break especially on trips. :)

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Being a digital nomad and a vanlifer, I basically do nothing but eat out. I have started going to the grocery store more and just going for some of the premade salads and sandwiches. Also they have washed and cut fruit bowls. It’s really helping out allot. The restaurants were killing me. I just need to eat less, lol.

Absolutely right on and I definitely tried to make sure I have extra snacks stockpiled away just in case I need them


Posted via proofofbrain.io

Pizza money helps too, lol! Most of my trip is being paid for by crypto!



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