Working Dude’s Actifit Report Card: March 14 2023

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Today was the last day of my grind for the week. I get to take an edible and sleep like a champ. Well, technically I have been sleeping off and on all day by the time of writing this. This pic was taken about 6am. Just wanted to get the rest of the day in before making the post.

I am finding satisfaction in this new stocking job because my rows are beautiful when they are done, lol. So I need the @actifit guys to add a work activity or something to the activity list, lol. Because who needs to workout with a job like this, lol.

Time for a couple of much needed days off and a lot of much needed rest!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!
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Daily Activity,Walking,Weight Lifting


I used to work in a shop and always remember how satisfying it was to replenish or set up a new display. I was healthier then! I wish we were into step counting then as I would have accumulated quite a lot.

Yeah it’s giving me a way to interact with Hive because I don’t have any time for much else at the moment, lol

I've found actifit to be great for that, just a way of sharing at least something nearly every day


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