All Projects Getting Server Upgrades And Other Dudely Ramblings

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What's going on everyone? Hope you all are well and my US friends are ready to get your bellies stuffed for Thanksgiving!

Today I am rambling about some project updates that I am working on, namely moving all my main Wordpress based sites to a new, upgraded VPS, away from the shared hosting that I have been using. I am keeping the same company, just movin' on up, as the Jeffersons would say.

@blocktunes is the main cause of the the movement, as it is a bit of a beast on the backend, but this will really help solve a lot of issues. Nothing to do with the Hive side of things.

Coin Logic is in the mix as well as the Hivelist Store so both of those sites are benefiting from the upgrade as well!

Anyway, just chatting about that and other things that have going on. Enjoy the ramblings!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Have you thought about incorporating MUSIC with the COM drips? Unifying more of your projects together can help boost some of your earlier tokens.

This sounds like great news to me! Moving in the right direction!

always good work !

Thanks man! Hope you are doing good!

Im good thx

Always good to know what's goin' on.


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